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The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

NKI Staff

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Name Department Phone

Luis Caceres

Research Support 845-398-5591

Christopher K. Cain, Ph.D.

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6560

Alvin Cameron

Cleaning Services

Linda Capobianco, M.A.

Social Solutions & Services 845-398-2190

Nicholas Caputo

Business Office

F. Xavier Castellanos, M.D.

Clinical Research 845-398-2899

Jordan Checkwood

Information Sciences 845-398-6517

Qixuan Chen

Social Solutions & Services

Xinlin Chen

Social Solutions & Services 845-398-6588

Divijia Chopra

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6692

James Clelland, Ph.D.

Clinical Research 845-398-5512

Stan Colcombe, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-5514

Kate Collins, Ph.D.

Clinical Research 845-398-6580

Brenden Colon


Chris Colucci

Information Sciences 845-398-6602

Antonio Convit, M.D.

Director's Office 845-398-5502

Kathryn Cook, M.S., MCSE

Information Sciences 845-398-6662

Chiara Criscuolo, Ph.D.

Dementia Research 845-398-5437

Thomas Cunningham, M.B.A.

Director's Office 845-398-5504

Pasquale D'Acunzo, Ph.D.

Dementia Research 845-398-6669

Saima Dar

Clinical Lab 845-359-1000

Sandipkumar Darji, M.S.

Dementia Research 845-398-5436

Lila Davachi, Ph.D.

Clinical Research 845-398-5471

Marlon De La Cruz

Research Support 845-398-5591

Nicaury De Los Santos

Research Support 845-398-5591

Manolo DeLaCruz

Research Support 845-398-5591

Stiver Delacruz

Receiving 845-398-5461

Steven DeRosa

Dementia Research 845-398-5532

Milena DiBiase

Business Office 845-398-5409

Francisco Dilone

Receiving 845-398-5461

Xinyu Ding

Social Solutions & Services

David Dunlop, Ph.D.

Neurochemistry 845-398-5546

Salvador Dura-Bernal, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation

Victor Dyakin, Ph.D.


Randi Dymond

Personnel 845-398-5412

Brett East, Ph.D.

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6647

Seth Eaton

Manhattan Psychiatric Center 646-766-5864

Bernie Ellis

Safety Department 845-398-5500

Edith Ellis

Business Office 845-398-5405

Goi Khia Eng, Ph.D.

Clinical Research

Kathryn Evans

Clinical Research

Jody-Ann Facey

Administration - IRB

Arnaud Falchier, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-6632

Shaona Fang

Central Reference Lab 845-398-6696

Gisele Ferrari

Dementia Research 845-398-5539

Michael Fink

Safety Department 845-398-5500

Alexandre R. Franco, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-5822

Vilma Gabbay, M.D.

Clinical Research 845-398-6559

Daniela Galvez, BA

Social Solutions & Services 845-398-6626

Kai Xuan Gan

Clinical Research