Community Education and Engagement

NKI Community Education and Engagement programming develops and maintains community engagement through community partners to identify appropriate town and regional events for engagement activities.

Activities include community-focused educational opportunities with local libraries, lifelong learning centers, youth programs, local government sponsored community resource fairs, special interest groups, city and town street fairs, and other organizations in partnership with NKI researchers for community education and study recruitment efforts.

Newsletters are periodically disseminated to approximately 2,700 members of the community who have expressed interest in research at NKI and community event updates (including our NKI Brain Day event, which invites the community to come to the Institute for a learning experience about the brain and typically attracts 75-100 individuals).

This broad and diversified approach to community engagement and student educational opportunities has strengthened community recruitment pathways to draw from a regionally representative resource balanced for sex, ethnicity, and other key sample characteristics for broadly representative sampling.

For more information, please contact Kristin Dietz Trautman, LCSW, Community Outreach Liaison, at