Antigona Martinez, Ph.D.

Antigona Martinez, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Schizophrenia Research

Dr. Martinez’s research has been in the field of brain imaging and cognition. Her career began with investigations into the basic brain mechanisms of attention, and combining recordings of event-related brain potentials with functional magnetic resonance imaging so that both the time course and anatomical substrates of sensory and perceptual processes could be visualized within the same experimental context. Since joining NKI in 2002, she has been applying these multimodal approaches to the analysis of sensory deficits in schizophrenia.

Select Publications

  • Martinez, A., P. A. Gaspar, S. A. Hillyard, S. Bickel, P. Lakatos, E. C. Dias and D. C. Javitt (2015). “Neural oscillatory deficits in schizophrenia predict behavioral and neurocognitive impairments.” Front Hum Neurosci 9(371): 371.

  • Martinez, A., N. Revheim, P. D. Butler, D. N. Guilfoyle, E. C. Dias and D. C. Javitt (2013). “Impaired magnocellular/dorsal stream activation predicts impaired reading ability in schizophrenia.” Neuroimage Clin 2: 8-16.

  • Martinez, A., S. A. Hillyard, S. Bickel, E. C. Dias, P. D. Butler and D. C. Javitt (2012). “Consequences of Magnocellular Dysfunction on Processing Attended Information in Schizophrenia.” Cerebral Cortex 22(6): 1282-1293.

  • Martinez, A., S. A. Hillyard, E. C. Dias, D. J. Hagler, Jr., P. D. Butler, D. N. Guilfoyle, M. Jalbrzikowski, G. Silipo and D. C. Javitt (2008). “Magnocellular pathway impairment in schizophrenia: evidence from functional magnetic resonance imaging.” Journal of Neuroscience 28(30): 7492-7500.

  • Mishra, J., A. Martinez, C. E. Schroeder and S. A. Hillyard (2012). “Spatial attention boosts short-latency neural responses in human visual cortex.” Neuroimage 59(2): 1968-1978.