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The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

NKI Staff

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Name Department Phone

Theresa Abad

Manhattan Psychiatric Center 646-672-6188

Kimberly Acevedo

Animal Facility 845-398-5591

David Alcantara Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Dementia Research 845-398-5437

Mary Jane Alexander, Ph.D.

Social Solutions & Services 845-398-6584

Melissa Alldred, Ph.D.

Dementia Research 845-398-2176

Baerbel Allingham, Dipl. Inf. Med

Information Sciences 845-398-6515

Erika Andrade

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6633

Justin Apuzzo, B.S.

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-2178

Babak Ardekani, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-5490

Ira Arehart

Security 845-398-5500

Alvin Bachman, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-5471

Basavaraj Balapal, Ph.D.

Analytical Psychopharmacology 845-398-3234

Andrea Balla

Neurochemistry 845-398-2959

Annamaria Barczak, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-6643

Bryana Barreto

Dementia Research 845-398-6669

Morris Baslow, Ph.D.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-5530

Pedro Batista

Social Solutions & Services

Audrey Bauzó, MA, CCDM, CCRP

Information Sciences 845-398-2893

Julia Beatini

Outpatient Research

Odeta Beggel

Schizophrenia Research 845-398-2897

Brian Bengyak

Outpatient Research 845-398-2184

Martin Berg, M.S.

Dementia Research 845-398-3433

Tina Bermudez, B.S.

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 845-398-5485

Hannah Bernstein, B.S.

Dementia Research 845-398-5437

Chloe Blau, MA

Social Solutions & Services 845-398-5836

Cynthia Bleiwas, M.S.

Neurochemistry 845-398-5528

Nia Boles

Dementia Research 845-398-5437

Josue Bossous

Clinical Lab 845-398-2896

Justin Botterill, Ph.D.

Dementia Research 845-398-5437

Stephen Braren

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6692

Melissa Breland, M.A.

Outpatient Research 845-398-5525

Carina Brown

Clinical Research 845-398-6563

Lynchel Brumaire

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6692

Katherine Brundage, B.S.

Geriatric Psychiatry 845-398-6533

Brent Butler

Biomedical Imaging & Neuromodulation 398-398-5591

Pam Butler, Ph.D.

Clinical Research 845-398-6537

Christopher K. Cain, Ph.D.

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6560

Daniel Calderone, Ph.D.

Clinical Research

Alvin Cameron

Cleaning Services

Stefanie Canals-Baker

Neurochemistry 845-398-5537

Janelle Cange

Animal Facility 845-398-5591

Stephanie Carelli

Outpatient Research 845-398-5516

Dennis Case

Maintenance 845-398-5553

F. Xavier Castellanos, M.D.

Clinical Research 845-398-2899

Stephanie Chan

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6692

Helen Chao, Ph.D.

Dementia Research 845-398-5515

Elissavet Chartampila

Dementia Research

Jordan Checkwood

Information Sciences 845-398-6517

Divijia Chopra

Emotional Brain Institute 845-398-6692

Scott Cicero, Ph.D.

Outpatient Research 845-398-2190