Colcombe Lab

The Colcombe lab is focused on the examination of human attentional control networks sensitive to interventional manipulations that can be observed across species and across the human lifespan, thus informing translational work from mammal models to clinical applications. To facilitate this work, we innovate measurement tools in neuroimaging and cognitive assessment and contribute to and utilize large-scale open-science data resources.

Current Investigations

Modifiable factors for neurocognitive sparing with aging.

Large-scale, deeply phenotyped, open-science neuroimaging data resource harmonization, development, and dissemination (NKI-Rockland Sample).

Behavioral, pharmacological, and stimulation interventions aimed to probe attentional control networks for insights into function and therapeutic impact.

Digitized cognitive assessment development for in-laboratory and ecological momentary assessment. Assessment tools and data processing pipelines are openly available for implementation.

Cross-species collaboration to investigate biological origins of:

 cardiovascular fitness-based changes in neural plasticity,
 resting state fMRI,
 attentional processes,
 neuromodulation via transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS),
 functional cortical organization,

And to provide open-access data to support the study of these translational neuroscience foci with the larger scientific community.


Michael Milham, MD, PhD (Director CBIN, NKI; VP Research, Child Mind Institute)

Kathleen Merikangas, PhD (Chief, Genetic Epidemiology Research Branch, NIMH) 

Anna MacKay-Brandt, PhD (Research Scientist, NKI)

Arielle Tambini, PhD (Research Scientist, NKI)

Karl-Heinz Nenning, PhD (Research Scientist, NKI)

Alex Franco, PhD (Research Scientist, NKI)

Charles Schroeder, PhD (Research Scientist, NKI; Director, Conte Center for Basic Neuroscience, Columbia)

Khena Swallow, PhD (Associate Professor of Psychology, Cornell)

Arno Klein, PhD (Director of Innovation Technologies, Child Mind Institute)