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The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

Social Solutions and Services Research

Center for Research on Cultural & Structural Equity in Behavioral Health (C-CASE)

CCASE co-Director

In November 2007, NKI received funding from the NYS Office of Mental Health to establish a Center of Excellence in Culturally Competent Mental Health. Under new leadership in November 2015, the Center was renamed the Center for Research on Cultural & Structural Equity in Behavioral Health (C-CASE). This name change signals a refinement of our mission, which recognizes that psychiatric/behavioral health care has been segregated from primary medical care since its inception. Our desire is now to create whole person primary health care, which carries with it a greater emphasis on social determinants and processes.

C-CASE faculty have created an educational video addressing systemic racism and strategies to counter it. Our Racist America is a 'call to action' video presentation that discusses: (1) white privilege; (2) individual-institutional-structural racism against Black Americans; (3) historical and present-day racism embedded in law enforcement; and (4) the economic, social, physical, and emotional harm these tactics have caused Black people in America, spanning centuries. View it here.

Areas of Activity
  • "Health habitus" integration - a new approach to "cultural competency"
  • Innovative spaces and strategies: pharmacy opioid treatment and mental health services
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training evaluation for police: impact on social determinants
  • Intervening to prevent stigma and suicide in Korean Americans
  • Tracking disparities in suicide and overdose: statewide data linked to social determinants
  • Community re-entry and integration for patients discharged from a state-operated hospital
  • Enhanced intensive outpatient program evaluation: multilevel behavioral health model
Our Products
  • Anti-Racist Tools & Strategies
  • Diversity & Disparity Reports
  • Assessments & Toolkits
  • Cultural & Structural Humility Curriculum