Nixon Lab Findings Announced at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

New findings from the laboratory of Center for Dementia Research Director Dr. Ralph Nixon (in collaboration with EIP Pharma, LLC) were announced at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference held recently in London. The investigators found that the EIP licensed investigational drug neflamapimod reversed a critical Alzheimer’s-related physiologic defect in human patient cells cultured from individuals with a genetic defect predisposing them to early onset Alzheimer’s disease. In their presentation, the authors concluded:

“The findings provide the first evidence that p38α antagonism could be a means to therapeutically target Alzheimer-related endosomal dysfunction. Further, the correlation between in vitro potency of neflamapimod on reversing endolysosomal dysfunction with clinical dose-response suggests that this pharmacological effect, rather than anti-inflammatory activity, may underlie the clinical activity of neflamapimod on episodic memory, noted in a recently concluded EIP phase 2a clinical trial in Alzheimer’s patients.”

For more details about this research, see the press release from EIP Pharma. Dr. Nixon recently published a review in the FASEB Journal on a key underlying physiological dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease.