Bioinformatics Core

The Bioinformatics Core at the CDR is directed by Dr. Yun Juan (Janet) Chang empowers researchers with the tools and knowledge to break new ground in genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, biomarker discovery, single-cell analysis and more. We offer comprehensive support, from grant proposal development to data analysis training, to help you achieve your research goals.

  • Strengthen Your Grants: We collaborate with investigators to craft compelling bioinformatics and computational biology sections for your grant proposals, increasing their competitiveness.
  • Get Expert Guidance: We provide customized consultations to address your specific research needs in data analysis, management, and computing. These tailored consultations offer strategic insights and solutions to improve the quality and impact of your research projects.
  • Build Your Skills: We equip researchers with the latest bioinformatics knowledge through targeted training programs and individual sessions, tailored to your needs.