Funding Update – December, 2018

Dr. Robert Sears
  • Dr. Robert Sears (Emotional Brain Institute) received a NARSAD Young Investigator award from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation for a grant titled “The Orexin System as a Master Modulator of Proactive Coping Behavior.”
  • Dr. Christopher Cain (Emotional Brain Institute) received an R01 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse for the grant titled “Brain Mechanisms of Avoidance: Implications for Addiction and Anxiety.” This is a collaboration with Dr. Joseph LeDoux at New York University.
  • Dr. Ralph Nixon (Center for Dementia Research) received a grant from the CHDI Foundation titled “In Vivo Evaluation and Therapeutic Modulation of Neuronal Autophagy Flux in HD Mouse Models: Validation of a Transgenic Reporter for In Vivo Neuronal Macroautophagy.”