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Kathy Yates, Ph.D.

Kathy Yates, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Clinical Research

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Kathy Faulkner Yates, PhD has an extensive history of providing a wide range of clinical services in a private practice setting in Houston, Texas before moving to New York City in 1987. Dr. Yates attained her doctorate in Counseling Psychology with a subspecialty in Neuropsychology from Teacher’s College, Columbia University in 1993. She received her MS degree in Health and Clinical Psychology from the University of Houston - Clear Lake Campus in 1979.

Dr. Yates began her work at NKI in 1993 when she joined the Clinical Division working in violence research with Dr. Antonio Convit, first at Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center and then at Manhattan Psychiatric Center. In 2008, after 15 years on Ward’s Island and when her Program Evaluation of the STAIR program was successfully completed, Dr. Yates moved to NYU Medical Center where she began working again with Dr. Convit in obesity research at the BODY Lab (Banishing Obesity and Diabetes in Youth). The focus of this research has been to explore the relationships between excess weight and associated weight related medical sequelae on both brain and cognition. Dr. Yates has served as the Deputy Director of The BODY Project, a community service organization, and she has developed the neuropsychological and psychological test batteries for adult and adolescent studies in The BODY Lab. She has trained and supervised clinical research assistants who collect both the BODY Project and BODY Lab data.

Select Publications

Yates, K.F., Larr, A.S., Sweat, V., Maayan, L., Siegel, C., & Convit, A. (2014). Hispanic Youth With Excess Weight Display Psychological Distress: Do the Youth Self-Report Norms Accurately Capture This Phenomenon? Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 36(2) 195–210.

Yates, K.F., Sweat, V., Yau, P., Turchiano, M.M, & Convit, AC. (2012). Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on Cognition and Brain: A Selected Review of the Literature. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 32:2060-2067.

Yates, K.F., Kunz, M., Khan, A, Volavka, J., & Rabinowitz, S. (2010). Course of Psychiatric Patients With Histories of Aggression and Crime Five Years After Discharge From a Cognitive-Behavioral Program.  Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, 21(2), 167-188

Yates, K. F. & Denney, R. L. (2008). Neuropsychology in the Assessment of Mental State at the Time of the Offense. in R. L Denney, R. L. & Sullivan, J. P. (eds.), Clinical Neuropsychology in the Criminal Forensic Setting. Guilford Publications 

Yates, K, Kunz, M, Czobor, P, Rabinowitz, S, Lindenmayer, JP,Volavka, J. (2005). A cognitive, behaviorally based program for patients with persistent mental  illness and a history of aggression, crime, or both. Structure and correlates of completers of the program. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, 33(2), 214-222