Cognition, Sleep & Aging

Our Cognition, Sleep, and Aging program focuses on understanding and addressing the interconnected roles of cognitive health, sleep patterns, and the aging process.

This program is dedicated to advancing research and clinical practice in the field of geriatric psychiatry, with a particular emphasis on how sleep disturbances and disorders impact cognitive functioning in older adults.

Our team, comprised of experts in neuropsychology, neuroimaging, psychiatry, and sleep medicine, conducts cutting-edge research to unravel the complex relationships between aging, sleep quality, and cognitive decline.

We aim to identify innovative interventions and therapies that can improve sleep and cognitive health in the elderly.

The program also performs comprehensive diagnostic assessments through its research dedicated sleep laboratory.

By integrating research findings with clinical expertise, the Cognition, Sleep, and Aging program is committed to enhancing the quality of life for older individuals through improved understanding and management of sleep and cognitive health.