The Memory Education and Research Initiative (MERI Program)


  • To communicate the results of these evaluations to participants and their personal physicians, if requested
  • To allow a baseline cognitive performance to be established for healthy individuals with no memory complaints but with a family history of AD or other dementias
  • To alert community health professionals about ongoing clinical studies for the treatment of memory disorders
  • To bring advances in basic research of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders to clinical research studies
  • To educate participants about healthy brain aging

The MERI visit: The initial evaluation is usually completed in 1 visit, and lasts approximately 3 hours. Patients are encouraged to bring a family member or caregiver to the appointment.

Benefits of the MERI: Upon completion of the evaluation, all assessments will be scored and entered into a secure database. Results will be discussed among the doctors and psychologists of our team. A summary of this evaluation will be mailed out to you (and/or your physician if you so wish) in approximately 2-3 weeks. This report will contain findings about your general intellectual function, memory, and psychomotor function, as well as brief comments and recommendations.


Alzheimer's disease; Memory evaluation

Study Title (brief)

The Memory Education and Research Initiative (MERI Program)

Study Description (brief)

The MERI program offers a comprehensive memory and cognitive evaluation at no cost, to individuals with memory complaints or a family history of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Study Contact

To learn more about the MERI Program, visit our website:, or call 845-398-5584.