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The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

Employment & Training Opportunities

Educating future generations of research professionals is a vital part of our mission at NKI. We are committed to academic excellence and a majority of our scientists hold senior level faculty appointments at NYU Langone Medical Center within the department of psychiatry. The mix of basic research and education at NKI comes together in a model that is well proven. Many of our labs offer training programs that provide a career building, comprehensive educational opportunity in fundamental aspects of psychiatric illnesses. Our educational training programs introduce students to the newest ideas, discoveries and technologies and allow them to work alongside some of the most innovative scientists in an open, collaborative, challenging environment. We offer an array of programs for post-graduate students.

Please see the NYS Governor’s Office of Employee Relations’ “StateJobsNY” website for State-funded positions at Nathan Kline Institute, with vacancies open to current State Employees or the General Public.

For positions available through the Research Foundation of Mental Hygiene, Inc. click here.