Computer Center

The NKI Computer Center is dedicated to supporting the research mission of the Institute, maintaining a 2,600-square-foot secure computer center and a large network infrastructure.

In addition to supplying such basic services as email, office automation software, and malware protection, the Computer Center maintains hundreds of terabytes of disk space, statistical software such as SAS and SPSS, a high-speed Internet connection, wireless access, and a fully-staffed Help Desk.

The Institute has been a leader in utilizing information technology to promote mental health research since the 1960s, a tradition that continues to this day.


  • To provide NKI staff with the information technology resources needed to support research and administration
  • To guarantee the security, privacy, and availability of data collected and stored for research
  • To provide NKI investigators a computing environment that is compliant with HIPAA, FISMA, FDA, and New York State regulatory requirements.
  • To keep NKI’s IT infrastructure secure and available in the event of power loss or other emergency
  • To continue to develop new information system technologies to facilitate and enhance psychiatric research


  • In partnership with NKI’s ICRS division, the Computer Center offers Acquire EDC, a HIPAA- and FISMA-compliant web-based platform for the collection and management of research data
  • Support for software licensed by the Institute
  • Secure storage and auditing of data containing PHI
  • A fully-equipped training facility/computer lab
  • Solutions for remote access and data sharing with research collaborators
  • Large-scale data storage, backup, and recovery
  • Assistance with acquisition of computer hardware and software
  • FISMA-compliant remote access platforms for information subsystems