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The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

Yoshinao Kajikawa, Ph.D.

Yoshinao Kajikawa, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Center for Biomedical Imaging and Neuromodulation

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Primate auditory systems in the temporal lobe consist of more than a dozen cortical areas. Based on parallel and serial anatomical connections, they are organized into at least three hierarchical regions: core - belt - parabelt. Dr. Kajikawa's lab addresses the anatomical and functional properties of sensory cortices in the primate temporal lobe, with a unique focus on the parabelt region. He uses multi-channel micro-electrodes and various data processing/analyses in combination with multi-modal sensory behavioral paradigms.

In the auditory system, a model of the functional architecture is under-developed compared to the visual systems, in which functional specializations of cortical areas are well characterized. Elucidating the properties of auditory areas/regions will help us understand how we process and perceive sounds. Of the three regions, the parabelt is least explored, leaving a gap in our understanding of how the auditory system works. Dr. Kajikawa's investigations will contribute to understanding the mechanism of hearing.

Select Publications

Kajikawa Y, de La ML, Blumell S, Hackett TA (2005) A comparison of neuron response properties in areas A1 and CM of the marmoset monkey auditory cortex: tones and broadband noise. JNeurophysiol 93:22-34.

Kajikawa Y, Schroeder CE (2011) How local is the local field potential? Neuron 72:847-858.

Kajikawa Y, Frey S, Ross D, Falchier A, Hackett TA, Schroeder CE (2015) Auditory properties in the parabelt regions of the superior temporal gyrus in the awake macaque monkey: an initial survey. J Neurosci 35:4140-4150.

Kajikawa Y, Schroeder CE (2015) Generation of field potentials and modulation of their dynamics through volume integration of cortical activity. J Neurophysiol 113:339-351.

Morillon B, Hackett TA, Kajikawa Y, Schroeder CE (2015) Predictive motor control of sensory dynamics in auditory active sensing. Curr Opin Neurobiol 31:230-238.