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Csaba Vadasz, Ph.D.

Csaba Vadasz, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

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Dr. Csaba Vadasz has served on several advisory boards, and as reviewer for numerous scientific journals, as well as reviewer for private and NIH Grant/Center Grant Reviews. He has been a "Member of the College of CSR Reviewers" of NIH since 2010. He is founding member of the Editorial Board of Brain Structure and Function. In addition, he is a member of the NKI Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and a member of the New York University - Bellevue Psychiatric Society. He was on several committees, including the International Ethological Committee, Steering Committee of Center Of Excellence For Addiction At NYU Langone Medical Center, Protocol Review Committee - Center for Advanced Brain Imaging of NKI, and AECOM, Department of Neuroscience Graduate Education Committee's Thesis Advisory Committee.

  • The Neurobehavioral Genetic Research Program was first to apply the Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) introgression  and mapping strategy in neurobiology. With NIH support, a website and searchable database service was initiated in 2003 for facilitating the work in QTL mapping with RQI mapping panels.
  • It created the largest quasi-congenic RQI mouse strain set (over 100 inbred strains) for complex trait gene identification. The laboratory was first to discover a gene accounting for alcohol preference in a mammalian model of voluntary alcohol drinking: it identified Grm7 (glutamate receptor metabotropic, subtype 7) as a cis-regulated gene in mice coding for mGluR7.
  • The "gene to brain and behavior" vision  has played a pioneering role in drug-induced gene expression microarray studies using RQI animal models, and contributed to efforts in translational clinical studies.
Select Publications

Kovacs KM, Szakall I, O'Brien D, Wang R, Vinod KY, Saito M, Simonin F, Kieffer BL, Vadasz C.  (2005) Decreased oral self-administration of alcohol in kappa-opioid receptor knock-out mice.  Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 29(5):730-8.

Vadasz, C., Saito, M., Gyetvai, B. M., Szakall, I., Kovacs, K.M., Prasad,, V.T.S., Toth, R. (2007) Glutamate receptor metabotropic 7  is cis-regulated in the mouse brain and modulates alcohol drinking. Genomics. 90, (6) 690-702. 

Gyetvai B, Simonyi A, Oros M, Saito M, Smiley J, Vadász C. (2011) mGluR7 Genetics and Alcohol: Intersection Yields Clues for Addiction. Neurochem Res. 2011 36(6):1087-100. 

Vadasz, C. and Saito, Mariko (2014) New glutamatergic target for alcohol and substance use disorder medications. Psychopharmacology.  Volume 231,  pp 1429-1431.

Smiley, John; Saito, Mariko; Bleiwas, Cynthia; Masiello, Kurt; Ardekani, Babak; Guilfoyle, David; Gerum, Scott; Wilson, Donald; Vadasz, Csaba (2015) Selective reduction of cerebral cortex GABA neurons in a late gestation model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.  Alcohol. 2015 Sep;49(6):571-80.

Vadasz C, Gyetvai BM. Cocaine-Induced Sensitization is Linked to Distal Chromosome 6 Region in Congenic Mouse Model. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2020 Oct 1;215:108185. PMID: 32768991; PMCID: PMC7502495.